Tuesday, 17 July 2012

April Banbury Designs Rocks Cannes Film Festival


Cannes Film Festival...
This was like no place I'd ever been before, the elite of the elite surrounded me! A supreme class of fashion, fast cars and the best parties on the planet!
I was extremely lucky to be one of the 200 people to get invited to Kanye Wests Film Premier - Cruel Summer!
After strutting it down the red carpet (on a sureal bubble) in my own design with Mr West, Kim Kardashian and Jay-Z I met the lovely Christa who is California's TOP blogger. She approached me adoring the gown I was wearing.
Check out the lovely write up she done on my dress, she quotes "Our favourite dress of the night was this April Banbury design"
Top Californian blogger writes about April Banbury Designs on the Red Carpet at Kanye Wests Film Premier- Cruel Summer!


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  1. Hey, i read your tweets. April Banbury ‏@AprilBanbury URGENT! An online boutique want to stock 10 of my designs 4 of each now I desperately need to find a reliable manufacturer! Please help! :D
    Well, you can contact me or shout out to @madeinchina_b2b