Friday, 22 June 2012

ECO Friendly Fashion

Doing my bit for the environment...
Here are some garments I made using scraps of fabrics, bed sheet's, netted curtains, or whatever I could get my hands on...

April Banbury Designs filming with E4!

The Work Experiance
April Banbury Designs S/S 2012 Collection is being filmed for a new comdey series 'The Work Experiance' based around a Fashion PR company on E4!!clients
Super exciting times...Can't wait for it to air!

Lazy Summer's S/S 2012 Collection

Lazy Summer's S/S 2012 Collection

Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model Models April Banbury Designs

Britain and Irelands Next Top Model
A Britain and Irelands Next Top Model contestant models two dress from my Lazy Summer's S/S Collection and what a beauty she is...
Gold Sequins and Chiffon

White Chiffon and Diamonds

Lazy Summer's S/S 2012 Inspiration

S/S 12 Inspirations

After coming across this beautiful mood board created by Paul Smith for his S/S collection I was instantly inspired by his delicate colour palette, feminine images and summer fun. This was the beginning of my creation- my latest S/S collection.

This year I was inspired by lightweight summery fabrics such as chiffon's, cotton and silks. I wanted to create a mixture of elegant evening wear and effortless day wear..
Here are some images I found which became the basis of my collection. I love the airy and soft feel they have with a vintage chic edge. I translated these feelings into beautiful dresses...

My Mood Board

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Essex Fashion Week 2012

Essex Fashion Week 2012
So I was ecstatic when I received the news that I'd been selected to showcase my latest collection at Essex Fashion on this years Easter Sunday. I'd be showcasing alongside 20 other designers such as Amy Childs, Celeb Boutique and!!
With all the attention Essex has had just recently I thought "what a fab opportunity"!!
It went down with a bang!!
Me being me created an outrageous Jubilee Inspired dress to close my catwalk... and boy did it get people talking!!
Here are some pics from the show and that totally "OMG" Jubilee Dress!!
Gossip Drip and RM Magazine both gave me fantastic reviews too!

RM Magazine and Gossip Drip Reviews