Thursday, 8 April 2010

The beginning of my journey into the world of FASHION!

"Learn From Yesterday, Live For Today, Hope For Tomorrow"
Life is what you make it, or so it seams to be. I have chosen my path in life. My design inspirations steam from natural beauty...'a woman'. To me it is all about embracing your inner beauty as well as your outer beauty, my work portrays this in both design. My style if very feminine, yes pretty lace trims, lavish silks and gorgeous chiffon's and mixed cottons with the essence of a true summer beauty really gets my creativity going. Some might say we can control anyone or anything when we look and feel our best, and that is exactly how I'm inspired to create eye-catching garments aimed towards the not-so-confident woman so show them how they can to feel 110% beautiful in their own skin!!

May 2009: I was overwhelmed to receive a phone call from Hertfordshire Gazzette saying I hand landed the front cover of Lifestyle magazine, well you can imagine my reaction (ecstatic) :D I was wearing a size 16 charity shop blazer which i had De-constructed re-constructed in a university project. It read 'how I used my talents as a fashion designer to help raise money for charity'.
November to May 2009: My first 'live project'. The aim of this project was to design and make a collection for beal's store in order to help bring the Beal's target market into a younger age genre. As to my shear delight taking part in Beal's 'live project' resulted in my design work proudly being displayed in their shop window along with the other amazingly talented design students I worked with.
Inspired by Audrey Hepburn- A True Beauty- My recreation of an Audrey Hepburn original

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